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Example of Potential Savings

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We’re certain that you’re bottom-line is the key figure for your business and the simple fact is It doesn’t matter what type of business you own or run, we can guarantee that within days your business will be performing better.

Whether you own a fleet of cars, vans, 4x4’s or light commercial vehicles we guarantee you will be saving fuel costs with a vastly noticeable difference.

Don’t just take our word for it, as a fleet owner we will even write a file to a vehicle of your choice completely free of charge to trial for 1 month so you can see the difference for yourself. 

An engine remap provided by Miltons Remap can recalibrate your fleet's vehicles to your specific requirements which will enable fuel savings, RPM / speed restrictions and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

We understand that driving styles can adversely affect your operational costs and not just in fuel, but servicing and maintaining your van and not to mention lost revenue whilst the vehicles are being repaired.

Our Fleet mapping solutions can enforce a driving style so that maximum efficiency can be achieved and ensure your running costs are kept to a minimum.

To obtain the absolute best in fuel economy savings we can insert rpm and maximum speed limiters. The driver then utilises the low-down torque that the diesel engine produces and changes gear at a more sensible rpm allowing even better economy gains to be achieved.
Additionally, our services can be provided outside of your normal business hours so you do not have any vehicle downtime and can be carried out at any locations of your choice.

As with all our other remapping services the economy remapping service comes with a money back guarantee, so if we do not achieve what we claim or you are not 100% satisfied we will return your car to standard and give you a full refund.


30-day money back guarantee


Lifetime software warranty


No overstated figures 

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